The Agency

VFP Immobilier SA has been based in the center of the resort of Verbier for more than 25 years. Today, it is known for its perfect knowledge of the region's real estate market.

Véronique and Patrick Fellay, surrounded by a friendly, energetic, and professional team, are ready to offer a personalized service to their clients.

VFP offers a wide range of apartments and vacation homes in different categories. Thanks to their friendliness, knowledge, and experience, the two partners offer their clients the best advice on buying the perfect property in Verbier. The agency also offers a wide range of properties for foreign clients.

In summer and winter, VFP rents out vacation homes and apartments on a weekly, seasonal, or annual basis. Properties range from 2 stars to 4 stars “plus”, and prices are adapted to each category.

To provide all-rounder services to their clients, Véronique and Patrick can take care of their administrative tasks in Verbier, pay their bills, take out memberships, and set up insurance for them.

Our clients’ wishes are our reality.

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