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Philippe Roux Sports in Verbier, a family story

The Philippe Roux sportshop is an institution in Verbier which has developed along with the resort and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. The store is writing a new page in its history headed by  Christophe Roux, representative of the second generation and 2019 champion of the Valais Rally.
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Mortgage rates : review of a turbulent year and outlook

In 2022, rates proved to be very volatile creating strong instability. Why and what to expect for 2023?
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"Bagnes is known worldwide for its raclette cheese"

Representing the 2nd generation, Marc Dubosson took over the reins of the Verbier Dairy in 2014, at the age of only 25. Thanks to the creativity and dynamic nature of this new manager, the business, including the shop, has been developed rapidly and today employs 4 members of staff according to the season. Located in the ideal position at the entrance of Verbier village, the dairy offers delicious cheeses and lovely inventions, such as truffle raclette. A passionate sportsman indulging in golf, football and e-biking, Marc is above all in love with Verbier and doesn’t hesitate to talk about his luck in living in such a wonderful resort. Here is the interview with this young trader.
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"It doesn't matter what business you're in, everybody needs computing skills"

At the age of only 27, Alain Bruchez has been at the head of an SME for almost five years, with a staff of 3. Qualified with a CFC and federal certificate in computer science, this child of Verbier has progressively accumulated business clients in the Val de Bagnes as well as private individuals, due to his professionalism and his availability. ABclic Informatique SA has become one of the region’s leaders in the computer sector. Its main strength lies in its network of local clients who placed their trust in the company from the start. Let’s hear from this dynamic entrepreneur.
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Housing Market trends in Verbier - Summer 2023

It’s always interesting to monitor a housing market like that of Verbier and the Bagnes Valley, which includes Vollèges. Since Covid, it has evolved enormously. New trends have appeared, such as working from home and the attraction of having a mountain lifestyle, but equally threats loom over the world or different crises, notably those of energy and climate. So, what’s happening to the Verbier market at the onset of this summer season ?
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The Verbier Gala : 150 entrepreneurs come together in the heart of the Alps

A region has life through its different events and the people who organise them. Sarah Perruchoud is one of these dynamic people who is eager to create connexions between people. For the last 5 years, the founder of RP Agency, has supported and developed companies’ (digital) communication or events. She has also created the Geneva Ball which every year, unites 200 people in the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues and brings support to local families in poverty. In 2021 she launched a network for entrepreneurs in the Léman region which now boasts 300 members : Valais Network. Events are organised in Geneva, Lausanne and in the Valais canton with a friendly and sociable vibe, centred around local produce. The flagship event is now the Verbier Gala which attracts more than 150 company directors to Verbier at the end of August for a weekend filled with activities and networking opportunities.
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