10 points to consider when selling a property

You've decided to sell a property. What are the steps to take now? How do you set a price? What offer should you accept? After our article "10 things to think about when buying a property", we now turn to the seller's side to provide some important tips for selling a property. More specifically, here is a list of 10 things to think about when you are thinking about selling a property.

1. Contact VFP

Before starting any process, we advise you to contact an estate agent. Having been involved with owners selling their properties for 35 years, we can advise, guide and provide an accurate “Seller’s Checklist” and all necessary information from the outset.

2. Valuation of the property

VFP will then value your property free of charge to help you determine a selling price in line with the current market.

3. Pricing and creation of the sales brochure

In order to set a price, various elements have to be taken into consideration: negotiations, taxes on property appreciation and the agency’s commission. We will provide you with the amounts when you receive the “Seller’s Checklist”.

Also, in order to have all the information concerning the property we are going to put up for sale, we will ask you at that time for a series of documents relating to your property, such as the charges and PV of the PPE (if it is a building), year of construction or list of works carried out.

4. Framework for marketing your property

We will also determine the framework for marketing your property. For example, can we publish your property on our website? On social networks? Do you want to display the sale price or on request?

5. Visits

We undertake to visit your property to interested parties and to give you at least 24 hours notice. However, it can happen that clients who are just passing through can only visit in a limited time. We will systematically give you the name of the client. In order not to limit the visits and to put all the chances of selling on your side, we suggest you to leave a set of keys at VFP.

6. Receipt of tenders

VFP will receive all offers and forward them to you. It is important to note that the buyer making an offer expects to negotiate the price in order to find a price that suits both you and the buyer as soon as possible. We will be at your side during this process to advise you.

7. Acceptance of an offer

You are happy with an offer and decide to accept it. Now it’s time to move forward with the preparation of the deed of sale.

8. Preparation of a draft act

At this stage you can choose your own notary. The notary will ask for some documents to finalise the deed, such as personal and bank details, statement of debts or date of possession.

9. Signature of the deed of sale

On the day of the signing of the deed of sale, you must bring your identity card with you. If you are unable to attend, you can give a power of attorney to have the deed of sale signed in your name. 

10. Handover of your flat

Payment of the balance of the sale or an irrevocable promise from the seller’s bank will have been made by the same date. Changes of address will also be made by this date. You can let us know where you would like to receive the latest invoices and other correspondence relating to your new property

If you wish to sell a property in Verbier, we are happy to assist you:

Call us on +41 27 775 30 10
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