Housing Market trends in Verbier – Summer 2023

It’s always interesting to monitor a housing market like that of Verbier and the Bagnes Valley, which includes Vollèges. Since Covid, it has evolved enormously. New trends have appeared, such as working from home and the attraction of having a mountain lifestyle, but equally threats loom over the world or different crises, notably those of energy and climate. So, what’s happening to the Verbier market at the onset of this summer season ?


1. The rise in interest rates has become a major topic of discussion. The fluctuation of rates is a crucial element as regards the potential purchase of a property. It is a topic to follow closely, even if part of the international clientele has been less impacted by this phenomenon.

2. The local market has seen several primary residence building projects flourish, notably one in Verbier-Village and other residential projects, such as in Vollèges (see pages 46 and 47). This has indicated that there is some demand to consider living throughout the year in our valley.

3. As regards prices, since the advent of Covid, these have increased. We have also remarked on there being less on offer in the market and a high demand. Currently, after two abnormal years, the market is relaxing, and we hope that over the next few months it will return to being a stable and healthy market.

4. Both the communal strategy, that is aiming for 10 months of activity per year, and the emergence of international schools will have a positive impact on the local housing market. Projects and new residents will also generate interest in the local market.

5. The subject of energy is becoming even more apparent in our discussions. Whether we talk about heating or solar panels, there’s a lot to be said. The different choices that chalets make regarding this matter will have an impact on demand. Topic that should be followed attentively.

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