Verbier Master Plan : “Become a reference for sustainable, four-season mountain tourism destinations.”

A structured tool that highlights the strategic orientations of the resort, the brand-new master plan for Verbier - Val de Bagnes also ensures coherence between the public and private sectors. This extensive effort offers a clear vision : “Become a reference for sustainable, four-season mountain tourism destinations.” An interview with Simon Wiget, the director of Verbier Tourisme.

How to utilise this new tool ?

We have prioritised five areas for tourism development : the economy, jobs, and training ; sustainability ; infrastructure and mobility ; offerings, hospitality, and quality ; marketing and promotion. In each of these areas, we aim to strengthen our ties with the locals. Therefore, we prefer a cross-cutting governance mode by reinforcing the role of umbrella organisations. It is crucial to have collaboration among all stakeholders.

What concrete elements are already in place as part of the master plan ?

Certain existing projects, such as the enhancement of Haut Val de Bagnes, and others under development, like the tourism observatory, are linked to the master plan. Currently, we are developing a roadmap based on the elements of the master plan.

How to successfully establish a four-season Verbier ?

We are working on various aspects, such as boosting events during off-peak periods. We hope this will provide some assurance of activity and motivate businesses to extend their operating periods.

What are the benefits for the residents ?

“Prioritising the quality of life for the residents” is a main objective of the master plan. They can already benefit from the array of offerings and infrastructure often at favourable conditions. For example, ski passes offered to children or consumption vouchers given to residents. Extending activities to four seasons will provide them with access to extended operating periods.

What’s new for families ?

For example, we developed the ice rink in the centre of Verbier, including an ice path, activities, a slide, and snowman building. Additionally, we offer family activities during peak periods at Salle de la Comba in winter or at the leisure park in summer. Other challenges have been identified, and they will require the development of new offerings.

Why is sustainability a priority ?

The development of sustainable tourism is a key element for enabling future generations to enjoy our exceptional environment. We have established a sustainability department and launched the “Swisstainable” action plan. The municipality has been working for several years on the “Energy City” label. We are committed to concrete actions in favor of sustainability.

Any highlights for 2023 that you would like to share ?

I am very pleased with the establishment of Verbier Tourisme SA and the finalisation of the master plan with the marketing strategy. Finally, the establishment of the Rangers, trained individuals who engage visitors to respect the environment, is another significant development. We have a vast playground to preserve, and promoting community living is a key priority.

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