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10 things to think about before buying a property

Buying a property is an important step in life. It can be a wonderful experience or a real source of stress. Hence the need for proper guidance from professionals and access to the necessary information. How do I know if I am getting a good deal or not when buying a house? What are the important points to think about when buying a property? At what point is the property in my possession? VFP has been helping buyers and sellers for almost 35 years and offers you 10 things to think about when buying a property.
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8 experiences and activities in case of bad weather conditions in VERBIER

The mountains never fail to enchant. Getting away from the gray city and breathing some fresh air can make all the difference. The sun doesn't always shine, and there are times when it's hard to figure out what to do. But, we've got you covered – here are some activities to do in Verbier and the surrounding region to keep you entertained when the weather is bad. 
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The latest spots to discover in VERBIER

Here's the list of the latest additions to downtown Verbier.
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4 things you need to know about the lump-sum taxation system in Switzerland

Many people decide to live in Switzerland because of the quality of life. However, Switzerland is also a popular choice for wealthy people because it offers numerous tax advantages. Have you heard about lump-sum taxation? This is one of the main advantages. If you aren't familiar with this term, don't worry. Continue reading our article to find out all about lump-sum taxation.
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An interview with Laura Chaplin

This winter, VFP highlights the artistic creations of Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter: Laura Chaplin.
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The current state of affairs of the proprety market in Verbier, Switzerland

The pandemic has had a surprising effect on alpine real estate in Switzerland. Sales increased during the first wave and the security offered by our country, nature and fresh air also attract foreign clients, despite the various restrictions currently in place.
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